When we say “Bharat Mata ki Jai”?????

When we say Bharat Mata Ki Jai, it doesn’t mean that we are worshipping India. Deoband fatwa says no to worship of Bharat Mata.The word ‘jai’ means victorious or glorious.It is not against any religion to honour one’s country, and religion and nationalism should be separated if we are to portray India as a diverse democracy at International fora.Though it is distressing and upsetting to be constantly reading about the need to prove one’s patriotism in the form of slogan chanting and the various opinions of politicians, fringe elements and columnists.Have we forgotten that India faces burning issues related to the state of primary and higher education, the dismisal performance of our health sector, FDI hurdles, right violations, threats to the right to freedom of expression, growing malnutrition, the burden of enhanced taxes and inflation, farmers’ suicides, NPAs, the looming threat of terror and the water crisis in various parts of our nation.The way things are shaping, the BJP government may need at least 15 years of our mandate in order to fullfill all its poll promises.The Central government should focus on productive work rather than waste time and energy on tokenism and fruitless debate.

3 thoughts on “When we say “Bharat Mata ki Jai”?????”

  1. I am proud to say: BHARAT MATA KI JAI. This apart, Govt is doing what it ought to. The natural causes apart, man made causes are responsible for NPA, terror threat etc. These were ever there and would remain so in future too but to utter praises of one’s motherland is not a bad idea at all. As far as the performance of the Modi Govt is concerned, one thing is sure, there is no scam, development is there in infra, inflation is under control, there is a positive trend in industrial production, despite failure of monsoon for consecutively for three years, buffer stock of foodgrains is available. Global economic condition is having downward trend but India’s GDP is far better and still heading northwards. Thanks sharing your thoughts on India. Encouraging indeed. :))


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